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Blackjack Table Rentals
The classic casino game…

Blackjack or “21” is the most popular game in casinos. It’s the one game most people know how to play, and for this reason, most casino parties have more blackjack tables than any other kind of table. The idea is easy: “get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.” But beating the house takes skill, knowledge, and a little bit of luck. Casino Royale dealers are experts and can teach you how to play “by the book” so that you have the best odds of walking away a winner.

What’s Included:

Blackjack Tables are rented for 3 hours per night. Tables are 5’ by 3’ half-moon shaped and seats 6 comfortably. Includes 6 deck dealing shoes, playing cards, discard holders, Blackjack rules and 500 white, red and green chips.

Playing at the tables

“It was fantastic and the tables were a HUGE hit! For all those hubbies who didn’t want to dance…. Ha ha ha!
Thanks again for everything!! I highly recommend it!”

– Lisa, Event Organizer